Friday, August 26, 2011

Getting Help With Red Tape: Entry Denials For Hunters Into Canada

Sound easy enough? Well there are several ways to get into Canada, even with a few blemishes in one’s legal record, but the short answer is that there is no short and easy way to do it. Required court documents may be difficult to obtain, and Canada typically requires them for review. Proof of sentences being completed is critical, for which copies of all complaints, orders, sentences, restitution, and probationary documents are ideal. Most lay people are reluctant to attempt such an endeavor on their own.

Immigration systems can be complex and bureaucratic. Forms must be completed properly and supporting documentation assembled according to requirements. Incomplete documentation will result in returned applications and yet further delays. So sometimes it helps to “turf it off” to those with experience in these matters. Where a person has a number of convictions, the convictions or charges are somewhat recent, documents can’t be found, or it just seems over your head, a lawyer can be of use.

Chancing it at the border is absolutely not recommended, particularly for those driving long distances.

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Satveer Chaudhary is the founding lawyer of Chaudhary Law Office, PLLC.  In practice over 10 years Chaudhary brings 14 years of legislative experience as a State Senator and Member of the Minnesota House of Representatives to each and every case

Satveer S. Chaudhary is a lifelong sportsman and former wildlife and conservation policy- maker. As an attorney, he represents hunting and fishing organizations, businesses, individual hunters and anglers, and serves on the board of Safari Club International. He has worked in a variety of capacities with National Association of Sportsmen Caucuses, NRA, Ducks Unlimited, and Pheasants Forever. He knows the law because he helped make it.

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